Why Mexican Food

Larry Davis was raised in southern California.  But something about the Rocky Mountains of southwestern Alberta called to him.  He moved here and found out what it was:  his future wife, Jane, who he married a few years later.

They had two (according to his daughter Jeny) amazing kids, a tight-knit family and, because Larry was a cook extraordinaire who grew up in southern California, many home-cooked Mexican meals.

Larry’s flair for Mexican cuisine became a bit of a legend around these parts.  Everyone who enjoyed one of his meals echoed the same sentiment:  “Why not open a Mexican restaurant?”

This had always been Larry’s dream and the encouragement of friends and family nurtured its growth.  He had a strong inkling that the public would love his cooking.  But where he could make it a reality – that was another question.  But only sort of.

Frequent trips to Grandma and Grandpa’s farm took the family past the deserted Twin Butte Country General Store many times.  While the family mused about what might become of the old buildings, Larry’s dream began to take hold.

In 1995, it became a reality.  A year of hard work, Larry’s carpentry skills, a great vision and lots of family effort brought the Twin Butte Country General Store back to life.  The same in lots of ways, but in other ways, completely different.

The old charm is still there.  No doubt about it.  But locals and visitors will not find better, more authentic Mexican food without traveling to Mexico. Sixteen years ago Larry’s daughter Jeny took over the restaurant and carried over the tradition!  It’s a great source of pride for Larry.  With the help of his (amazing) kids, his dream of a Mexican restaurant and general store has taken hold.  And it continues to grow.

Don’t care for Mexican food?1500840_683248731713773_3769822376039940966_o
No problem. Our menu caters to lots of tastes and includes a kids menu and lots of other southern Alberta favorites like burgers and pizza. We can’t forget to mention our awesome breakfast menu and our home-cooked desserts, too.

If you like to try new things, you’ll probably love our bison burgers.  They’re a big hit with locals and tourists alike.

Check out our Mexican menu – you’ll be glad you did!