What makes our BBQ unique?

It's all about the smoke

Enjoy tasty BBQ, one of a kind outdoor dining and live music at the Twin Butte Smoke Shack.
Taste it !

Smoke Shack Menu

Our BBQ is damn good, but hey – so is the scenery, and the people around here aren’t bad either! Whatever you are up for, be it an outdoor sit-down meal, quick and easy take-out, drinks with friends or live music. We’ve got you covered.


  Saturday & Sunday 12pm – 8pm
Watch for extended hours once the weather gets a bit nicer !

We can’t wait to see you enjoying our outdoor space and food!!


Each weekend we have something different on the menu, be sure and stop in to see what our weekend specials are.

Past specials include:
Shaved smoked beef on a pretzel bun topped with beer cheese and onion rings with your choice of side for $16.99.
A  Twin Butte style chili dog:  A foot long hotdog with delicious chili and queso with your choice of side for $16.99.

The key to crafting delicious BBQ

is in the process

From gathering local diamond willow wood for the fire, selecting the ingredients, using our custom recipes, to how we smoke the meat, each step of the way is important in creating amazing meals for you to enjoy. In fact, the whole dining experience here is unique, from the food to the scenery and live music. Even the meat smoker is custom built and exclusive to Twin Butte. It isn’t small either, with 5 racks and a rotisserie it can smoke 20 full briskets at one time.
Meet the Pit Boss

Smilin' Phil

Phil’s love of BBQ came from his days working in Louisiana, U.S.A. BBQ is a specialty in the south, and you can see the smoke from the roadside BBQs for miles as you drive down the interstate. Each stop has its own featured meat, from beef to seafood.Together with his wife Jeny, they have worked to craft BBQ that is specific to Twin Butte, unique to southern Alberta, and reminiscent of other famous regional BBQ’s such as those in Louisiana, Texas, or Kansas City.