General Store

_storefrontEverything you need
Since its first small building was erected in the 1930’s, the Twin Butte Country General Store has grown a lot and has served a lot of people – locals and tourists alike.  When we reopened the store in 1996, we made a lot of changes, but never forgot that we were in the business of giving people what they need, whether its postage stamps or a take-out meal.

Our services include:

We’re a classic “corner store”.  If you’re short on milk, need a loaf of bread or want to roast some marshmallows, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for here.

Post Office
You can send your packages or receive them here.  We offer most of the services you’d find at any Canada Post, including money orders, expresspost or parcel services.

Liquor Store
We don’t carry anything too specialized, but we do offer a good selection of beer, wine and spirits.

Gift Shop
Everything you’ll find here is as unique at the General Store itself.  All the handy work in the gift shop is created by local artisans.  Some of them include:

  • Judith Green pottery
  • Francis Riviere bead and leather work
  • Local photography
  • Paintings and sketches

We also carry a fun selection of Twin Butte Country General Store t-shirts and hoodies.

Information Center
If you’re looking for information on things to do and see in the area, you’ll find it here, particularly if you’d like to know more about Waterton Lakes National Park.  Also keep in mind that the locals (including us) are more than happy to tell you about the area.  We’re proud of our heritage and the natural beauty of the land.

Other Stuff
Our hard ice cream in the summer simply cannot be beat.  Enjoy delicious ice cream while you sit on our porch and drink in the stunning view.   We also offer a fine cup of coffee, good conversation and are happy to help you almost any way we can.