The Give ‘Em Hell Boys

Feb 2020

It started with a shuffle beat in a room with two musicians in Edmonton, Alberta. The beginnings were humble but for The Give ’Em Hell Boys, what started as a side project evolved into a full fledged musical exploration of roots, country and rock music. Over the past decade, The Give ’Em Hell Boys have evolved into their own distinct sound. Consistent gigs and a pickup truck full of songs in their repertoire kept this four piece band grooving and growing stronger in the Canadian music scene.  Echoing the sentiments of their heroes, their brand of country is fused with attitude and high energy.

Band frontman and rhythm guitarist Quinn Clark, describes the importance of a high energy live show: “It’s something that’s immensely hard and nearly impossible to convey on a record. Although we’ve tried our best to do that. I think that’s what I like most about playing in a band; a collaboration with other players. You become each other’s audience”.

Bringing a Rock N Roll swagger, an “us against them” punk rock attitude and old fashioned country soul to a highly commercialized and stale sound has reminded us about the power that is in the roots of this genre.  The live show stands above all else with a party atmosphere and high energy; it’s impossible not to dance, toe tap and have a great time at their shows.  With positive reviews following in the wake of their performances, which have spanned the globe, The Give ‘Em Hell Boys are bringing back the days of Cash, Williams, and Jennings.