The Galacticats

Jun 2015

The GALACTICATS are an independent basement rock quartet based in Guelph Ontario, formed in 2013. After a summer of song-writing, the band is back in full swing with a whole stack of new tunes.

Known as one of the best live acts in town, The GALACTICATS have gained a devoted following in the Guelph scene.

With the perfect blend of rock and soul, the ‘Cats have created an organic, home-grown rock sound that is guaranteed make your feet move and your ears grin. Ultimately falling somewhere between psychedelic garage and blues rock, the band has a kitchen sink-full of material that offers a little something for everyone.


  • Kieran Lehan (vocals, guitar, keyboard)
  • Vanessa Tignanelli (vocals, bass guitar)
  • Alex Harris (guitar)
  • Ross Baird (percussion)