Sean Conway

Aug 2015

SEAN CONWAY is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Peterborough, Ontario. An avid musical explorer, he effortlessly blurs the bridges between the classic sounds of 60’s-era country music, early Brit-pop and doo-wop rock n’ roll with his delicate eye for detail, all the while embracing his spontaneous nature as an entertainer and musician – constantly challenging himself as an artist and performer.

so melodic and captivating…the room was left visibly shaken…” –

“…styles that lend towards the past; this whole album has a wonderfully old-school feel. There’s a sort of wide-eyed innocence to these songs. Singing in a soft, sweet tenor, Conway sounds like an unflappable optimist, even when so many songs speak about heartbreak and loneliness.”

“…such warmth and honesty that, for just a moment, modern cynicism melts away…” – The Wire MEGAzine