Paeton Cameron

Mar 2020

Red Deer singer-songwriter Paeton Cameron thinks “all the time” about following the exodus of young musicians to Calgary or Vancouver to launch his career in a larger centre.

But then he thinks about Red Deer’s small, but supportive live music scene and how fellow musicians are “like a family,” and it reaffirms his decision to stay.

The push-pull effect between home and away has recently lit a creative spark for Cameron.

“It’s been a struggle to find that balance,” admitted the 29-year-old. “When you’re at home you always think about being someplace else, and when you’re travelling all you want to be is in your own bed…”

Having toured Western Canada for the past decade, Cameron finds this “dichotomy” fuels his songwriting: His perspective on Red Deer seems sharper while he’s away, and he’s more able to compose songs inspired by the places he’s visited when he returns home.

For instance, the tune Lincoln County on the EP sprang from touring through Montana. “It’s about the idea of wandering into the woods and getting lost until you find whatever it is you are looking for.”

Home is about an antsy feeling from being in the same place for too long. Cameron said, “It’s about wanting to go somewhere…. I can’t be here anymore…”

The Hinton native, who grew up in Red Deer, has been searching for his musical identity since graduating from Notre Dame High School just over a decade ago.

He has performed at every local live music venue, and has covered the gamut — from playing back-up for other musicians, to being in the group Waskasoo, to performing as part of a cover band.

More recently, Cameron decided to renew his focus on his songwriting. And the creativity this has generated is too big and diverse for one EP.

Cameron also has plans to release two soul/reggae-flavoured singles later this year, and to begin working on a full-length album.