Nasti Weather

Sep 2019

Nasti Wea


Ana Schlechleitner AKA Nasti Weather is a remarkably gifted singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She makes transformative music straight from the soul. Her lyrics are drenched in authenticity, poetry, and sentiment. She strums the banjo into oblivion while beautifully belting heartfelt wax poetic words. Her haunting and powerful voice is, however, the vintage vehicle driving her music. She sounds like Janis Joplin, Etta James and Lucinda Williams had some elegant, rock and roll, trailer park love child.

Nasti Weather shimmers through in the modern sea of autotune and Appleton. As Erykah Badu would put it “she is an analog girl in the digital world”. Ana has also embodied a fascination and aptitude towards music. She grew up listening to jazz music and is vocally inspired by the female icons of the genre. She later discovered her love of punk, garage, freak folk and art rock.

Ana started writing poetry at a young age which eventually turned into songwriting. She found a ukulele rotting in the woods and decided to learn it, how is that for a gutter punk princess fantasy? She then taught herself the banjo and has become highly skilled at both instruments. It appears as if her banjo is an extension of her body when she performs, it’s an elongation of her spirit.

Ana lives and performs frequently in the ever insisting East Vancouver. She decided to start Nasti Weather in 2017 and has continued to refine her craft. She collaborates with local icons such as High Society and Red Haven. Ana has just recently released the debut EP for Nasti Weather, is an extraordinary collection of transformative material. She is now working on releasing her highly anticipated full-length album and is about to head on tour. She performs frequently in various venues across Vancouver. Her performances are more like experiences that rattle you to the core.