Matt Robertson

May 2019

There are no other words to describe Matt Robertson except to call him a “cowboy’s cowboy”. One of those rare individuals who is all about craft, Matt has slowly been evolving into the consummate “hand” that knows his way around horses, cattle, and bucking broncs. The same can be said for his music that has a host of loyal followers. Matt has taken his musical musings to the next level with his latest CD, The Voice. With professional studio musicians and producer Barry Allen of Homestead Records, Matt has laid down earnest tracks that speak to the voices that have shaped his destiny. A native of Wyoming, Matt now lives and cowboys in Drayton Valley, Alberta, with his Canadian bride Kelli.

As a young man, Matt pursued the rodeo arena and weathered the addiction of riding broncs and his first taste of being a musical troubadour. Always the student, Matt had so many things he wanted to be good at, the rodeo arena took a back burner to his quest to become a great horseman, songwriter, and husband. It appears that he is well on his way in “laid back cowboy time” to rising to new levels.

Mel Hyland was the horsemanship judge at a recent ranch rodeo where Matt received both the Top Horse and the Top Hand awards. Quite an honor coming from a fellow cowboy crooner and World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider.