In Cahoots

Jun 2019

In Cahoots is a new musical creation joining together 3 musicians from diverse genres who found each other in the Lethbridge music scene.  Dil Jopp plays upright and electric bass. Dil plays in the Lethbridge Symphony and has a music degree,  which comes in handy with the two people she plays with. She is the best barefoot musician we’ve ever seen.   Eya Grey writes, plays the ukelele, Irish Drum and harmonica.  She has recently returned to Lethbridge to help us record. Don Cassell is a castoff crustacean from the Juxtaposers; an obscure group who played at Soulfest last year.  He sings a bit, plays some harmonica and the guitar, when he can tune it! They are returning to the store once again after also playing Soulfest last year!