Bastard Poetry

Aug 2015

Bastard Poetry is a high-energy acoustic based rock band that has been steadily carving a name for themselves across western Canada. Their goal is simple; give people a beat to move their feet to, melody to wash the dust of everyday life away, and raw poetry to elicit emotion. All originally hailing from differing small towns we have become a band of friends united by a common dream. We all intend to become inspirational and functional artists, so that our musical passion can become a lifestyle rather than just a hobby. We pride ourselves on playing each show with the spirit and feeling as if it could be our last.

Bastard -Born of parents not married to each other; illegitimate

Poetry- Literary work which special intensity is given to expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm…

If you replace the word ‘parent’ with the term ‘influences’ or ‘inspirations’ the simple definition of our name describes how the band creates, views, and feels about music as a whole