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  • Zonnis

    Jun 2017
    - 8pm -

    Fresh from their 4 month summer tour 2015 of Western Canada, husband and wife acoustic power duo, Zonnis have returned home to Vancouver Island.  Inspired by roots, blues, rock, funk, musical comedy and country to name a few, the music of Zonnis is an eclectic collection of musical stories highlighting the trials, thrills, humour and tribulations of life on and off the road.  Entertaining at music festivals, house concerts, pubs and celebrations, Zonnis has performed in Canada, US, Mexico, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  Look out for their brand new album “Rise of the Sheep” set to be released January 2016.

    “We could make beautiful music together”. Those were the first words that came to mind as they stared at each other through the dimly-lit venue. From love-at-first-sight to becoming the incredible power duo that you see today, the music of Zonnis is a story of good ol’ fashioned rock & roll sprinkled with a light dusting of comedy and drama. Playing from the heart, these star-stricken balladeers criss-cross the land, spreading their messages of peace, love, utopia and friendship. They fearlessly explore both the light and dark sides of life, forever bound together in an eternal flash of divine inspiration



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