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  • Tanner James

    Aug 2014
    - 8pm -


     Taken from Tanner James website

    I learned to write songs on a beach in Maryland when I was twenty-years-old. I was sleeping in a hammock in the woods on the edge of town trying to make a girl fall in love with me. Busking for change on a boardwalk on the beach will almost certainly put words in your mouth.
    Riding horses and driving tractors in Southern Alberta was my childhood. I was a farm boy and I spent my days wandering with my dog, humming the songs I heard on the a.m. radio. My grandpa could spin a story out of anything and I hung off of his every word. He taught me how to do the same.
    I started an indie rock band and we were together five years. We had an old red van and we toured the country. I fell in love with every town and city we ever played in and every highway line we passed.My roots caught up to me as they often do as a person grows. I remembered all my time on the farm and all the stories my grandpa told. Folk and country music started to call my name.
    My name is Tanner James and I am a singer, a runner, a traveller, a dreamer, a troubadeur and a guitar picker. Most of all – I’m a storyteller. This is my life now. view details



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